Wagyu Steaks

On the Board Now!

Oooh Wagyu!!! Irish Wagyu Beef Steaks on the board now at Whitefriar Grill

We have some Irish Wagyu Beef striploin steaks on the blackboard now!

Hurry as they’re going fast!

We’ve a very select steak on our meat-boards this week at WFG; 100% Irish, 100% Wagyu grade 6 beef striploin steaks. Beautifully marbled giving the meat a tender juicy buttery flavour.

Sourced from Wagyu cows on John Beades’ farm in county Roscommon; grass-fed and finished on hay and meal the meat was graded 6 out of 10 for quality. This produces super tender steaks which are best served medium-rare to medium.

We’ve a limited number of 10oz striploins on offer at 60 euros a pop which includes one side and glass of Malbec!


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