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Paddys Day Brunch @ WFG

Join us to celebrate the greatest little country on this Earth this St. Patrick's Day in Dublin as we open the doors on the Best Brunch in Dublin on the Best Day in the year!

Christmas Lunch @Whitefriar Grill

Whitefriar Grill will be serving Christmas Lunch for casual or group dining throughout December from the 1st to the 24th. Three course Christmas lunch is only 29.50 per person and we are open from 12:30pm Monday to Friday.

September Wine Flights: Bow Lane Beauts

Bow Lane will open for business very soon, so for this month's Wine Flights at Whitefriar Grill, we are presenting three wines that will be included in the Bow Lane List. These wines represent excellent value and big taste! At the end of the blog there is a sign up form to get future announcements from Bow Lane!